About Us


Mermaid Mafia Tri Club is an Official USAT Women's Triathlon Club

What is Mermaid Mafia Tri Club?

The MMTC is more than a USAT-official triathlon club. We are a community of All Women empowering each other, looking out for one another, and lifting each other up to create positive change in our own lives and the lives around us. 

We guarantee you’ll make lifelong friendships when you train with us! Join the tri club and you will receive tools, resources, training plans, mentorship, education, and support necessary to meet your personal fitness goals. 

We believe that empowered women are more confident, more powerful, and more positive members of our community.

Although we are based in Santa Cruz ~ Mermaids from far and near are welcome to join us.  Mermaid Mafia Tri Club is an Official USAT Women's Triathlon Club  in Santa Cruz. We offer group workouts in the Monterey Bay and surrounding areas.

*USA TRIATHLON and the USA TRIATHLON LOGO are registered trademarks or trademarks of USA Triathlon in the United States and/or other countries.

New to any of the 3 Sports, Swim, Bike, Run?

No worries! Many of our members join our club with limited experience in one or all of the sports. You can feel confident that we will support you wherever you are on your journey! 

  • Don’t know how to swim?
    No Problem, we are here to help you overcome that! 
  • Haven’t been on a bike since you were a kid?
    No Problem, we have cycle clinics to get you rolling again! 
  • The only time you would run is from a fire?
    No Problem, our running mentors are experts with beginners, and it’s ok to walk!  

Why should you become a Mermaid?

Every woman who is ready to develop her inner mermaid athlete, radiate with a passion for self-love, make lasting friendships, and work with other inspired women to make a difference belongs HERE WITH US. Whether it’s getting off the couch or completing your first triathlon, the MMTC will help you reach your goal.