Disciplines in MMTC


It was not until the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games that triathlon would debut the Olympic distant. In fact, the women's triathlon race was the opening event for the 2000 Games. This triathlon distance is made up of a 1.5K swim, 40K bike and a 10K run.  


The shortest triathlon is called the Sprint-distance triathlon. Usually consisting of a 750m swim, 20k bike and a 5k-run. This is half the distance of an Olympic triathlon and can vary in distance as a Super Sprint. This is a super fun distance!


Duathlon is a competition that is composed of running and biking. The usual format for a duathlon is run-bike-run, meaning you start with a run, then transition to the bike, then transition back to running again. Distances vary.


Aquathlon, also known as a Dip 'N' Dash, is a fun and fast-growing sport that combines running and swimming. A typical aquathlon is a run/swim/run combination; however it is not uncommon to see a two-stage race which is simply a swim/run combination. Distances vary.


Aquabike category of racing is becoming more and more popular in the Triathlon scene. It’s an ideal race for athletes who are focused on the swim and bike legs of the triathlon without the run. USAT National Championship distance, is a 1.2-mile swim and a 56-mile bike. However distances vary.


Don't do all 3 sports? No Problem!

 A relay team is when 2 or 3 athletes compete as a “group” to finish the triathlon.  Typically, one athlete completes the swim, another the bike, and the  final person does the run. They pass their timing chip between each other as they complete their respected leg of the race. Mermaids can team up together and complete a Relay Tri as a team.

Age Group or Athena


There are two ways to compete against your peers in a USAT triathlon. The most common way is based on your age group and gender. An alternative category is Athena. Athenas are women weighing more than 165 pounds. Age does not factor into your ranking. Anyone can be a triathlete, there is a race type and distance that could fit anyone from the beginner to the elite athlete! Join Mermaid Mafia Tri Club in Santa Cruz today and find your inner mermaid.


Triatholon History


Triathlon as a sport is still relatively new, having its roots in France in the 1920s. Competitors participated in a race called “Les trois sports” – translated literally to “Three Sports” – which consisted of crossing the channel Marne, a 12K bike ride and a 3K run. In 1934, the race was consisted of crossing the channel, a 10K bike ride and a 1200 meter run.  

Triathlon in America

Triathlons in America can be traced to Southern California when the first triathlon event was held on September 25, 1974. Don Shanahan and Jack Johnstone are pioneers in the history of the triathlon. The San Diego Track Club sponsored the first ever triathlon event. The first Mission Bay Triathlon was held on September 25, 1974 in San Diego. This is the date that most hold to be the official “birthday” of the modern triathlon. There were 46 people that showed up to compete in the multisport event consisting of a 500-yard swim, a 5-mile bike ride, and a 6-mile run. 

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Beginning of the Ironman

As the sport started to catch on more and more, the beginnings of the most famous triathlon in the world began to unfold in Hawaii. Three separate events – the Waikiki Rough Water Swim (2.4 miles), The Oahu Bike Race (112 miles) and The Honolulu Marathon (26.2 miles) – were combined in 1978 to form the Hawaii Ironman Triathlon. Of the 15 competitors who started the race, only 12 of them crossed the finish line. 

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Who is Julie Moss?

In February of 1982 the world was introduced to IRONMAN after ABC’s Wide World of Sports featured the IRONMAN World Championship and focused on Julie Moss. 

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