Privacy Policy


Mermaid Mafia Tri Club Privacy Policy

As part of what we do, we collect participant information as part of the membership and event registration process, such as name, contact information, gender, age, and so on.  This information may be used to provide membership and event information to our participants through email as well as to use some of the information for newsletter distribution.

Mermaid Mafia Tri Club takes privacy very seriously. 

  • Mermaid Mafia Tri Club does not data mine. 
  • Mermaid Mafia Tri Club does not sell or give user information or your content to anyone for any reason.  

Mermaid Mafia Tri Club uses a third party sales and registration application to support our activities and events. Specifics of their privacy policy can be found at the bottom of our event registration pages. In summary, our third party sales and registration provider has the following policy:

  • They do not data mine. 
  • They do not sell or give user information to anyone beyond Mermaid Mafia Tri Club for any reason (except in the course of a sales transaction).
  • They do not store credit card information. 
  • They do not display ads. 
  • They do not send any sales or advertising information to you, except the sales receipt as part of an event sale.

Contacting Mermaid Mafia Tri Club If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy, you can contact us at or visit our website at