Single Sport Meet – Up Training

March 1 - October 31, 2020

 MMTC Lead Workouts are scheduled from March 1 – October 31 each year. We call this time our training season. Each week during our training season, weekly single sport meet-up sessions can be found on the calendar

In general, Tuesday is our run day, Wednesday our swim day, and Thursday our bike day. We alternate weekly the single sport activity that the club hosts. You are encouraged to attend MMTC lead workouts during the week at no extra cost in order to complete your daily training with other Mermaids.

In addition to the scheduled MMTC lead workouts, you will find on the club "closed" Facebook page "member lead" workouts. These workouts are not always supported by MMTC Coaches or Mentors but they give you additional opportunity to workout with the Mermaid community year round.


Practice Triathlon & Brick Workouts

Offered on weekends during the training season MMTC offers you an opportunity to complete two sports in one workout – commonly called a Brick Workout. Swim-bike, bike-run and swim-run options will be offered throughout the training season. 

Additionally we offer Pay2Play and Course Previews throughout the season. This gives you an opportunity to practice as if you were at a competition event.

These types of workouts are included in the Coached Training sessions at no additional cost. MMTC offers a drop in rate for Mermaids to attend these workouts as a participant not registered in the coached training session. The drop in rate is $20, as coaching staff is available to support all practice triathlons brick workouts.